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Jen Dalton’s life philosophy is centred on empowering & educating dance teachers to be the best and most effective leaders that they can be. Giving them the tools to make a positive impact in each and every life they come into contact with. She has utilised this philosophy when building detailed dance teacher training courses.

Having successfully run & owned multiple dance studios for over 20yrs with over 1000 students, managing teams of over 30 teachers & staff members at one time, she knows the importance of strategy, planning & continual learning…


A well as teaching and running the studios, Jen studied as a Police Officer for 13yrs working in the Child Protection & Sex Crimes Squad, studied Psychology (PSY111) & Communications (COM120) at CSU, Health & Fitness (SRF40206) and Dance Teaching & Management (CUA50311) it was only natural that the next step was to collate that information into dance industry language and make it easy, quick & available for dancers & teachers across the world.

It is Jen’s intention to create a world-wide community of like-minded dance educators who together will support, encourage & lead with intention to give everything we have to our students.

Dance classes hornsby area

New Dance Venue in Hornsby and Wahroonga

We are proud to announce another dance venue in 2016. Jigsaw Dance Studio Hornsby & Wahroonga.

Jigsaw Dance Studio Hornsby & Wahroonga – Jazz – Tap – Ballet – Contemporary – Hip Hop – Singing – Drama – 0468 99 44 88 or dance@danceclasseshornsby.com.au


Our dance classes are fun and competitive-free. Our focus is on our children thriving through passion and the love of dance and fitness.

Dance class prices are very reasonably priced. For more information go todance@danceclasseshornsby.com.au for full class details and pricing. Over 21 years experience teaching your little ones to dance and move

Phone: 0468 99 44 88    Email: dance@danceclasseshornsby.com.au

Proudly servicing the Hornsby, Wahroonga and surrounding areas

Help us teach your children to dance, enjoy themselves and gain confidence


Dance stock supply issues affect footwear sales

Dear customers, we are temporarily dealing with dance shoe supply issues from our overseas dancewear supplier. In the mean time we are still supplying quality stockings, tights, contemporary socks and outfits for sale.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to have our dance shoe supplies returned to normal in the near future. Thank you for understanding.

Kellyville Dance School donates to Fred Hollows Foundation

Thank you to everyone who came along to our end of year disco and final catch up for 2014. Our disco raised $438 for the fabulous Fred Hollows Foundation by way of gold coin donation and canteen sales.

Thank you everyone again for coming along and spending one last afternoon with us at Jigsaw Dance.

As you have seen by our 2015 information sheet, we have some exciting things to look forward to at Jigsaw Dance in 2015.

Have a merry Christmas and safe and relaxing new year break. See you in the new year.


kids learn to dance at jigsaw dance

kids learn to dance at jigsaw dance

kids learn to dance at jigsaw dance




Kenthurst Dancing Lessons for kids URL logo large

The Studio Kenthurst Childrens Dance Classes www.thestudiokenthurst.com.au

The Studio Kenthurst – Jazz – Tap – Ballet – Contemporary – Hip Hop – Singing – Drama – Zumba and Acro for Dance (Acrobatics/Gymnastics) – 9652 0106 or dance@thestudiokenthurst.com.au


Our dance classes are fun and competitive-free. Our focus is on our children thriving through the love of dance, performing arts, self confidence and fitness

Dance class prices are very reasonably priced. For more information go to www.thestudiokenthurst.com.au for full class details and pricing. Over 20 years experience in the Hills District.

Phone: 9652 0106     Mobile: 0412 687 890     Email: dance@thestudiokenthurst.com.au

Proudly servicing the Kenthurst, Dural, Glenhaven, Maroota, Maraylya, Annangrove, Middle Dural, Galston, Nelson, Box Hill, Rouse Hill, Glenorie, Berrilee and Oakville.

Brilliant Dance Video

When you find something this good on You Tube, you really should share it.

A dance spectacular done by the boys. See boys can dance !



See the link below to purchase. Down from $35…..that’s nearly a 60% discount. Get in while stocks last.


Limited supplies of our Dance Shoes on SPECIAL

Due to huge interest in our specials stock…..there are significant shortages now in our SPECIALS stock line. When ordering see the size drop down box to see if the size you are after is in stock. If the size does not appear in the drop down box we unfortunately have sold out of your size.

If the size appears in the drop down box….we still have your size in stock. Extreme shortages in Black Tap shoes and Tan Jazz Shoes. Still plenty of black Ballet shoes on special on $19….


dancewear on sale

Your trusted dancewear supplier in Australia

dancewear sydney

The evolution of HIP HOP dancing

A brilliant skit from You Tube by Will Smith and Co in relation to the evolution of Hip Hop Dancing.

Flexible payment options for dance shoe purchases

dance shoes online

At Raw Dancewear, we offer a range of ways to pay for your dances shoes online.

We offer Pay Pal the world’s most popular and trusted online payment system.

Our Pay Pal address is shop@rawdancewear.com.au

We also offer direct credit card payment to our online shopping cart.

We also offer direct bank transfer, cash on delivery or money order.

Any of these options allow a streamlined payment system, allowing us to get your dance shoes or dancewear order to your door faster.

Any questions about payment can be directed to Raw Dancewear (02) 9006 9200

Sell your SECOND HAND DANCE SHOES on Facebook

For those buying new dance shoes and are looking for a way to sell their second hand dance shoes. Check out the Facebook Page ‘Second Hand Dance Shoes’. List your shoes for free.


1. Photograph your shoes
2. Pick a price you want to sell them for
3. Provide a short summary of shoe type, size and condition
4. Add your contact details so potential buyers can find you.

A great way to clear the cupboards and get rid of some of your old dance shoes. Only a new page but sure to grow.

sell second hand dance shoes


Jigsaw Dance Studio Castle Hill opening 2014

dance castle hill

Supporter of Raw Dancewear, Jigsaw Dance Studio is set to open another dance venue in 2014.

Jigsaw Dance Studio Castle Hill will be open from 1 February, 2014. For dance class information specific to this Castle Hill Dance Studio go to www.danceclassescastlehill.com.au. You can download the dance class timetable, see dance photos and download general information about Jigsaw Dance Studio Castle Hill.

The venue is located at Unit 10 of 5 Gladstone Rd Castle Hill. This location (photos soon be uploaded) will also be available for hire. Simply contact 0412 687 890 to discuss arrangements.

Jigsaw Dance Studio Castle Hill still remains focused on every dancer enjoying their dance journey in a fun and competition free environment. Classes commence for 2014 on Saturday 1st February.

buy online dancewear australia

Happy New Year Raw Dancewear Customers

As we start back for the New Year, Raw Dancewear would like to wish all our loyal customers a happy new year. 2014 has kicked off and we are already in the swing of researching new dance shoes and dancewear to introduce this year.

Our specials stock is all but gone with only a new dance shoes left on the shelf from that specials range.

We look forward to assisting you with all your dancewear needs in 2014. Wishing you a safe and prosperous 2014.

Raw Dancewear Dance Shoes Specials – ONLY STOCK LEFT

Raw Dancewear Specials
List of remaining stock for sale at ultra low prices
As at 27 November, 2013

TO BUY ONLINE GO TO http://www.rawdancewear.com.au/shop

Lace Up – Jazz Shoes – Tan colour – $25.00
1 x Size 12 (19cm)
5 x Size 13 (20cm)

Slip On – Jazz Shoes – Tan Colour – $25.00
2 x Size 12 (19cm)
1 x Size 12.5 (19.5cm)
1 x Size 13 (20cm)
3 x Size 13.5 (20cm)
1 x Size 3 (20.5cm)
3 x Size 1.5 (21cm)
3 x Size 4 (21cm)
3 x Size 4.5 (21.5cm)
3 x Size 4 (22cm)
5 x Size 6 (22.5cm)

Ballet Shoes – Black Colour – $19.00
Child sizing
2 x Size 8
5 x Size 9
4 x Size 9.5
7 x Size 10
3 x Size 10.5
4 x Size 11
3 x Size 11.5
4 x Size 12
3 x Size 12.5
4 x Size 13.5
4 x Size 1
4 x Size 1.5
4 x Size 2
2 x Size 2.5
5 x Size 3
5 x Size 3.5
2 x Size 4
3 x Size 4.5
3 x Size 5
4 x Size 5.5
5 x Size 6
5 x Size 6.5
3 x Size 7
1 x Size 7.5
5 x Size 8

Tap Shoes – buckle up – Black Colour – $25.00
Child Sizes
1 x Size 5.5 (14.5cm)
4 x Size 6 (15cm)
5 x Size 7 (15.5cm)
5 x Size 8 (16cm)
2 x Size 9 (16.5cm)
1 x Size 11 (19cm)
1 x Size 13 (20.5cm)

Adult Sizing
1 x Size 2 (22cm)
1 x Size 3 (23cm)
3 x Size 3.5 (23cm)
4 x Size 5 (23.5cm)
2 x Size 10 (27cm)

bargain dance shoes for sale

Special dance shoe stock running very low….

The attached image of the remainder of our ‘SPECIAL’ dance shoes for sale. I will shortly do a post on Facebook and on this blog page advising of the exact sizes and styles left at our bargain prices.

They have been flying off the shelves since being reduced to record low sales prices. This line of dance shoe will not be purchased again so get in now for your end of year dancing bargain.

Dance Hub features Raw Dancewear Australia

See the feature article in Dancehub at http://dancehub.realviewdigital.com/#folio=13

raw dancewear shoes for sale

See the rest of the article below....

During this time I still maintained Jigsaw Dance Studio, however its numbers remained stagnant. I realised at this point that my numbers were not going to grow until I returned to being 100% invested.

At 22 I met the man in my life (who would change my world forever) He had this driving force of positivity, enthusiasm and this (sometimes annoying) ability to make things happen.

We were married by 24yr and had our first daughter by 25yrs. Like most dance teachers out there, I delivered her on Saturday morning and the two of us were back at the studio Monday afternoon overseeing classes – (as we know, it’s just what we have to do)

Our second daughter was born 2.5yrs later, so now it was a toddler and a new born at the studio every afternoon! There were good days and there were bad days, but all in all everyone was happy.

During this time while still dancing, I continued to study. I completed a remedial massage course, my Cert 4 in Fitness Training and other dance related courses along the way. I just love expanding my knowledge and somehow ‘accidently’ started a personal training and group fitness business (that was so I could fill in my mornings and late nights with dancing falling in between!)
But it was then at 29yrs of age that I had an epiphany and realised I couldn’t spend enough time on everything I was doing to really grow everything the way I wanted.

So after long discussions with my ‘ever understanding’ husband, we decided to sell the fitness business and put all our time into the dance studio.

Running blind, the first thing we did was sat down and nutted out goals and where we wanted to see the business going. He then took on an active ‘roll’ of the social media and marketing of the studio. I got myself a business coach and mentor (which was the BEST thing I could’ve done for the business) as it was at this point where we began to understand the essential need and importance of structure, marketing correctly and in return making money. Jigsaw Dance Studio began to blossom with the introduction of our first website www.jigsawdance.com.au

After many years of hard work, a lot of mistakes and too many lessons learnt the hard way, I discovered the formula for a successful dance studio. I began to systemise and re-structure the workings of the studio. Although time consuming at first, I very quickly realised that the more organised, planned and systemises the business is, the less I had to do, stress and worry about. And the extra time I now had was then spend nurturing my dance families and putting the time into the kids (and their parents). As they are the ones who continue to pay my bills, it’s important to keep them happy (within reason of course!)

I spread this systemisation and streamlining across to teacher training, staff training, concerts, performances, costuming, finding ways of making extra income with what I was already doing, time efficiency. This increase in efficiency allows me more time to spend with my family which is important to me.
I also identified ways to increase my income with what I was already doing for example, after a couple of years of research, I found suppliers of dance accessories, clothing, shoes etc and started an online store ‘RAW DANCEWEAR’ www.rawdancewear.com.au not only to sell to my own students at a reduced rate , but to the public as well


Five basic ballet dance positions – great video

Check out a good little dance video I found on You Tube which clearly shows the 5 basic ballet dance positions.


Practicing these dance moves to wear in your new Raw Dancewear ballet shoes or ballet outfit.


Effective Tips in Choosing Your Dancewear

Have you ever wondered why it is required for dancers to have a proper dance attire? Dance wear is more than just a piece of cloth. It is considered as a dance tool that adds more appeal to the dance itself. Just imagine someone doing a ballet while wearing something like baggy clothes. Isn’t it very awful to the eyes of the viewers? While it is true that proper execution of the dance movements is the key to a graceful dance performance. Proper dance wear is the key to make your dance complete.

Choose Your Dancewear

There is only one major rule in choosing the appropriate dancewear and that is to identify what kind of dance are you interested in. Of course, you wouldn’t want to wear a pair of ballet shoes while doing hip-hop, right? That would definitely look like a comical skit instead of a dance recital. The dancewear you need to pull should reflect the kind of dance you are going to perform. Even without executing a single move yet, your dancewear should already be able to tell the audience as to what genre of dance to expect from your performance.

Another factor you might want to consider is comfort. Wearing something you are not comfortable in might hinder you from showcasing your best moves. The dancewear should not just make the dancer look very attractive. It must also enable the dancer to move freely and to express himself/herself in the best way possible.

Remember to always pay attention when it comes to choosing your dancewear because your dancewear serves an important piece of the dance you are about to showcase. If you want to pull out the best dance performance, give importance to the selection of dancewear as much as you give importance to the proper execution of the dance steps.

How to tie and slick back your hair for dance concert time

Just surfing the You Tube and found a couple of great clips from other authors about how to tie back your hair into a bun. A great lesson for all those dancers and dancing mums keen to look their best on dance concert day.

Keep this video in your library as when you come to the end of year concerts and you are all prepped up with your dance shoes from Raw Dancewear www.rawdancewear.com.au you can look and feel the part


A brilliant You Tube clip showing all the dance styles we ‘LOVE’


Look at the great clip we just found on You Tube !

Now the question has to be asked…..how many of these have you cracked out on the dance floor over the years.

I had actually forgot just how many dance moves there were out there…..

MESH JAZZ SHOE SPECIAL – NOW ONLY $24 (normally $60)

buy cheap jazz shoes

MESH JAZZ SHOE SPECIAL – NOW ONLY $24 (normally $60)



Mesh Jazz Shoe
• Split sole design
• Aero P/U and mesh upper
• Suede toe pad
• Secured by foot hugging elastic
• Light, breathable and flexible
• Suitable for all age dancers for Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern
• Available sizing: Child US 9.5 to Adult US 10

Colour: Black

shop online at www.rawdancewear.com.au or email us at shop@rawdancewear.com.au

dance shoes for sale

Using the Raw Dancewear Shoe Sizing Chart

The Raw Dancewear shoe sizing chart is an easy way to quickly work out which Raw shoe is best for you or your child.

Depending on the printer and the printer set up you use, the chart may print out at your home at an incorrect overall size. This of course depends on your printer settings.

To quickly and accurately work out the best size for your dance shoe simply use a ruler on the foot of the person to be fitted.

Place the dancer’s heel at one end of the ruler and obtain the exact length of that persons foot. (heel to tip of longest toe) That is the measurement in centimetres that Raw Dancewear will use to select the most appropriate size from our dance shoe range.

The many suppliers of dance shoes all have differing sizing charts, so here at Raw Dancewear we work on the size of the foot in centimetres to get the sizing right for you.

If you have any questions at all about our dance shoe range, or simply would like to enquire about sizing, we are always contactable on (02) 90069200 or shop@rawdancewear.com.au

The SPECIALS continue at www.rawdancewear.com.au

buy cheap dance shoes sydney

Our amazing specials are continuing:

Leather Ballet Shoes from $19.00

Convertible Tights from $8.00

Tan Jazz Shoes from $25.00

Mesh Jazz Boots from $30.00

Black Buckle Up Tap Shoes from $25.00

Check out the online shop at http://www.rawdancewear.com.au/?post_type=product



Raw Dancewear Sale continues prices start at $8.00



Black Tap Shoes, Adult and Child sizes now on sale for only $25.00
Black Jazz Shoes Adult and Child sizes now on sale for only $19.00
Convertible tights Pink and Tan colours only $8.00
Mesh Jazz shoes a great special only $30.00

Check out our online shop at www.rawdancewear.com.au



dance shoe sale raw dancewear

dance shoes for sale

300 + Facebook likes for Raw Dancewear

Bulk stock clearance…..dance shoes as low as $25

Some real bargain dance shoes specials soon to be posted to our website www.rawdancewear.com.au and also to Facebook.

We are clearing out some our bulks stock, so that means great deals coming your way. A great time to get spare shoes for training to keep your others for competitions and performances…..I’ll keep you posted!


dance shoes for sale

200 + Facebook likes, thank you to all who have liked us and continue to be our loyal customers….

CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK for regular updates and specials


dance shoes online for saleOnline dance shoes and accessories delivered Australia wide


dance shoes for sale online

Raw Dancewear – Online Dance Shoes – Welcomes 2013

We hope everyone had a happy and fun holiday break and, like Raw Dancewear, you are
looking forward to 2013.

Although there are so many activities available for our children to do, it is gratifying
to see that there seems to be a upsurge of girls and boys enrolling in dance
classes this year.   The confidence and co-ordination that is
developed when a child learns to dance is something they can carry with them
all the lives.  Because of the wide range of dance genres – ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop (the list  goes on and on), a child can take their choice of what suits them best.

If you need to purchase or replace any worn out shoes and tights please contact us at Raw
Dancewear and we will help you with anything you may need.

$9.00 Tights…………

dancing tights on special


For this month only November, 2012, Raw Dancewear is offering $9.00 tights across our entire range.





Feel free to load up your supplies as the concert season is nearing.

Various sizing options available – Small Child, Medium Child, Large Child, Small Adult, Medium Adult, Large Adult, Xtra Large Adult.

Our dance tights are all of excellent quality. They fit neatly around the leg with no bagging.

Raw Dancewear currently stocking footed tights and convertible tights in ballet pink or skin tone tan colours.

We are only limiting this special to 10 pairs per customer, so get in quick to stock up.

Raw Dancewear also has other fantastic products in stock all year round. Feel free to log into our dance supplies shop and order online today.


buy kids dancing tights

For this month only (OCtober, 2012) Raw Dancewear is offering two for the price of one on OUR ENTIRE STOCKING/TIGHTS RANGE.

Stock up your stockings and tights, or buy one for a friend. This month take advantage of our 2 for the price of 1 deal.

Simply buy one pair of stockings/tights via our online shop and you will be sent 2 x pairs for the one low price as listed on the website (postage extra will only be calculated on the one item so even the postage is discounted)

Get in whilst stocks last. This deal is limited to 10 pairs per customer.

Term 4 special on contemporary dance shoes (socks)

As our dancing year enters term 4, Raw Dancewear would like to offer all dancers discounted contemporary dance socks. Check out our shop section for $16 contemporary dance socks for all of term 4 2012.


Contemporary/Lyrical/Modern shoe (Modern Contemporary Ballet Sock)
•   A combination of the stretch mesh fabric with suede sole patches molds and moves with the foot
•   Fully breathable and completely comfortable
•   Suitable for modern, lyrical and jazz or wear them inside your favourite dance or street shoe for added protection, cushion and comfort
•   Size Available: S (approx. sizes 3-5), M (approx. sizes 5-7),L (approx. sizes 7-9), XL (approx. sizes 9-11)

Colour: Tan

Jigsaw Dance dance classes kellyville dancing girls

Are you a dance studio owner and want to increase your profits????


The range of dance shoes available today is enormous and choosing the dance shoe that best suits your needs is a challenging exercise. The question of course is “what do you really need?”. Are you a professional dancer who wears their dance shoes every day of the week or someone who just dances to have fun and therefore does need the top of the line priced dance shoes. At Raw we cater specifically for the dancers in the latter category. We supply a good quality shoe at a reasonable price. Small dance studio owners can buy directly from us at a great discount price and on sell to your students at a profit level set by you. We supply a sizing chart but can also organise to send out a “sample carton” of shoes for trying on your students at a discounted price. Send us an email or contact by us phone and let us see if we can help you.


Be like the amazing dance studio Jigsaw Dance Studio Kellyville www.jigsawdance.com.au and purchase for your entire dance troupe from our range of dance shoes. Jigsaw Dance Studio Kellyville enjoys the Raw Dancewear product line and recommends it to their dancing classes.  Jigsaw Dance Studio offers dance classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Zumba, Acrobatics and Singing and Drama and uses the Raw Dancewear product in all of their dance classes. Jigsaw Dance Studio Dance Troupes look great in our dancewear.

Do you have ‘holy’ dance shoes???

Now it is getting towards the end of the year it is time to check that all your shoes, tights and accessories are in pristine condition for your end of year show. The end of year concert showcases to your family and friends, the results of all your hard work throughout the year. Let’s make sure there are no holes in tights or toes popping out of shoes.
Raw has a wide selection of ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop shoes in addition to both convertible and footed tights in pink and tan. Check out Raw’s dance camisole tops and shorts as well as ballet practice dancewear packages.

If you are a dance studio owner who would like to order our range of practice dancewear in quantity for your studio uniform, let us know and we can discuss discount prices and delivery dates. It is only a few short months until the 2013 year starts, so let’s start getting organised now.

Remember Raw Dancewear’s discounted shipping for small orders and combined shipping for very large orders. Make contact us with your list of stock and we will arrange the best shipping price we can for you.

Dance shoes online – www.rawdancewear.com.au – Go to our shop page on this website to see our full range of dance shoe and dancewear options.

buy dancing shoes

Are your dance shoes worn out OR have you outgrown them?

Now we are half way through the dancing year, some of you keen dancers may be seeing some wear and tear with your dance shoes.
For others their big toes may be just starting to push out on the end of their dancing shoes.

Dón’t despair logon to www.rawdancewear.com.au for all your dance shoe needs. Hip Hop dance shoes, tap dance shoes, jazz dance shoes and ballet shoes all available at ultra affordable prices.

Simply follow this link: http://www.rawdancewear.com.au/?post_type=product to be taken directly to our online shop where you can find a great range of dance products

We have a discounted shipping offer for bulk orders too……..

You would want some quality dance shoes to do this routine

Check out a fantastic hip hop routine. A truly brilliant dance routine.

The importance of a quality – buy dance shoes @ RAW DANCEWEAR

Here at Raw Dancewear, we only sell top quality dance shoes and dancewear, all at an affordable price. However, when shopping for dance products, you might be tempted to purchase those which are of an inferior quality, especially if they are available at an even lower price. Here are just a few reasons why quality really should be a priority when making an investment in dancewear.

Firstly, it is important to be aware that the quality of dancewear, particularly dance shoes, can actually have an impact on the dancer’s performance. This can be especially important whilst being taught as a dancer, and continuously learning new moves and steps. Imagine trying to cook a meal in a faulty oven, or trying to play Cheekybingo on a defective computer? You would be unlikely to get the best results, and this would surely prove frustrating. The same can be said for dancers who are trying to learn new steps and routines with low-quality dancewear.

In addition, dancewear which is of a lower quality tends not to be a cost-effective investment. Such items are far more likely to fall apart more quickly – so you may find yourself buying three of four pairs of shoes, when you may have only needed one or two pairs in a higher quality. Although it might seem like you are saving money in the short-term, you may actually end up spending far more than you had expected.

Lastly, it is worth considering that top quality dancewear is much more likely to be of a professional standard. If your child has dreams of becoming a professional dancer, then having access to dancewear of this standard can be hugely beneficial. These are just a few of the reasons why it can be advisable to invest in dancewear which is of a good quality, even from a young age.

dance studio guide how to choose


When you decide that you want to learn to dance, find a dance studio that specialises in the type and form of dancing that you are most interested in. ‘Classical ballet’ is the most formal of the ballet styles; it adheres to traditional ballet technique. There are variations relating to area of origin, such as Russian ballet, French ballet, and Italian ballet.

Other types of dance that may interest the student include: Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop or a combinational type, known as “Broadway”. Be aware that “Jazz” and “Hip Hop” may incorporate sexual movements (ie hip thrusts and suggestive shoulder shakes and rolls) that may be inappropriate for young children. Ask the studio about age appropriate movements or restrictions they impose.

Next, check out the qualifications of the teachers. Many excellent dancers to not make good teachers. Your teacher should not only be a great dancer, but be able to instruct people with different body-types, abilities, and learning styles. A teacher with an impressive dance resume may not know how to describe movement for children or beginners. Ask if you can sit and watch for a while, but do not be upset if visitors are not allowed as they can disrupt class. Some studios offer ‘open classes’ designed to give future students a feel for the rigor of the instruction. Teachers should give positive reinforcements to students and be able to point out muscle alignments to improve technique. It is normal for schools to use older students to demonstrate to help train the younger ones.

Note that very young children (under 5 or 6) cannot follow the strict nature of Ballet class, so often they are often enrolled in “Baby Ballet” classes. These are designed to introduce the child to learning to following instructions, sit and stand quietly, leaving other students alone and listening to the music. Above all, introductory classes should be fun for the very young child.

1) Think about what you are looking for in your dance studio. Are you training to be a professional dancer? Are you trying to lose weight? Are you dancing for fun? It is important that if you are serious about dance that you don’t get stuck in recreation oriented classes. At the same time, joining a difficult class if that isn’t what you want can lessen your enjoyment.

2) Talk to local dancers you know. See what they have to say about the dance studios. Dancers have usually attended more than one dance studio in their lives, if they’ve been dancing since they were young, and they will probably have a suggestion. They will know who to avoid, too.

3) Make a decision on how far you are willing to commute. Do you want to be able to walk there? Is driving for 30 minutes going to be okay?

4) Call the studio. Depending on your goals (weight loss, fun, improvement…) you may not be willing to alter your schedule a lot to include classes. Be sure you explain to the owner of the studio when you could take class, as well as your skill level. He or she will probably have a schedule, but the names of the classes can be confusing. Sometimes intermediate classes are classified as advanced, just to separate them from an even more intermediate class.

5) Narrow down your list by class times and varieties, go to the studios still on your list to watch a class. Usually, you can participate in a class without paying if you ask. Don’t be put off by the exterior of dance studios. Usually, the outsides are really, really trashy, but often the inside will be brightly painted and welcoming.

6) Find out the class size. If you want individual attention, don’t go to a school with 15-20 dancers. If you don’t want a lot of attention, and enjoy being part of a group environment, go to one with 15+ dancers.

7) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – Choose your favorite!

(author – numerous www.wikihow.com)

Dance style EVOLUTION – You Tube – Evolution of Dance!!

Check out this link to You Tube – The Evolution of Dance. A truly brilliant display of how the dance styles have evolved over the years.
A funny but scarily true dance journey………NO WONDER IT ALREADY HAS 194,000,000 PLUS VIEWS